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Family Law matters are stressful especially for those unfamiliar with the legal process. Attorney, Julie A. Flanagan understands this. She strives to make the process understandable to her clients and to ease the burden of those going through it. She takes the time to listen to each of her clients and to understand fully the circumstances of their case.

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If mediation or out of court settlement is best, then Ms. Flanagan can assist you

Divorce may end a marriage, but family relationships can remain intact.   Not every divorce calls for a lengthy, difficult, and expensive trial. Ms. Flanagan frequently helps her clients avoid the time, expense, and stress of a trial. Not only is she an experienced trial attorney, she is also a compassionate mediator and can assist in out of court settlements.

In fact, preparing a case as if it were going to trial is often the best way to avoid one. Ms. Flanagan has the training, skill and experience to guide you through all of the following areas of the divorce process:

  • Litigation
  • Non-litigation Options
  • Mediation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements

The legal process of separation, divorce, or dissolution is one that is complex and can be confusing and stressful. Ms. Flanagan understands this. As a result, she is committed to doing everything to ensure that you understand you the process and that you will succeed. You can trust that your case will be handled ethically, professionally, and efficiently.

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A truly professional attorney!

Miss Flanagan is #1 in our books! She was highly knowledgeable and professional, always available when we needed her. We highly recommend her and her team for any legal issues we may have! Thank you Julie Flanagan.

Julian, Avvo User

Outstanding to say the least

I was fortunate enough to fall into the knowledgeable hands of Julie Flanagan June 2014. From the moment I first met and discussed my divorce case with her I felt assured that I was going to be represented by a competent, caring individual. This was an extremely stressful time for me and Julie’s confidence put me at ease. The burden was no longer just mine. She was there to shoulder that burden and help me make the right decisions. On more than one occasion when I was anxious to move too quickly and give in to the repeated demands of my soon to be ex-husband, she would say to me..” this is not in your best interest, Barbara, and I advise against it. You need to listen to me..” And listen to her I did. Each step we took was thought out, purposeful, and deliberate. Julie was available to me by phone or email almost 24/7. At times I can honestly say that I didn’t think I could make it through this ugly divorce, but Julie made me feel strong and worthy. Julie’s knowledge of the process enabled me to come out a “winner” if there are any such “winners” in divorce. I will keep my relationship with Julie forever knowing that I might need her services again, knowing that I will have a competent attorney waiting for me, and a friend.

Barbara, Avvo User

Custody battle

I can’t say enough good things about this lawyer and her work ethic!
I’ve used her twice now in two types of custody battles.
One was when I was getting legal guardianship over my siblings. Julie was so helpful and patient with me. She took her time to educate me on the situation so that I was able to understand the system a little more which made me feel very confident and at the end I got custody of my brothers like I wanted. 🙂
I used her a second time when my husband and I were trying to get more time with our stepdaughter. This situation was a lot harder because no one was really getting along and it can get a lot uglier when exes are involved! Julie was very good at keeping the focus on our goal and not getting mixed up in all the drama that doesn’t matter. Julie is a very honest person who has great communication and knows that this type of stuff is very foreign to us and handled everything with empathy and care. She knew the case so well and planned out each step that it was very comforting.
I highly suggest using her for any case! She will take amazing care of you and put in 200% !!
(P.S. We also got more time with my step daughter like we wanted)

Noel, Avvo User


Julie by far has been the BEST attorney we have come across. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She is quick to respond to any questions we had and could always be reached. It was as if we were calling up a friend and not some attorney too busy to answer our questions. Julie kept us informed on all ends of our case. Julie is amazing at what she does and we would use her again if needed. Julie helped us with our custody issues and put us at ease when times got stressful. Her knowledge of Family Law made us feel very confident in court. We trust Julie and know she will always do her best. We HIGHLY recommend Julie and can’t thank her enough for what she has done for our family.

Iris, Avvo User

Great lawyer

Julie helped me navigate through a divorce that should have been quick and simple but wasn’t going anywhere. I originally had tried to do the divorce paperwork on my own and was getting nowhere with my ex. I contacted Julie and she immediately agreed to take me on as a client. She was honest, caring and transparent throughout the whole process. She explained all the steps we were taking and let me review all documents before submitting anything to the court. If I had questions or didn’t understand something, she was responsive and quick with an explanation that I could understand. At the end of the divorce proceedings, I had to go to mediation on my own. Julie was so supportive and positive about the outcome of the mediation before we even started; it made me feel confident and the whole experience was less scary that I thought it would be. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking for a confident, caring and knowledgable lawyer to help them with their divorce.

Anonymous , Avvo User

child support modification

I was referred to Julie in anticipation of having to file a motion to compel. I had initiated a RFO to modify child support and the NCP had not provided me with any of the required income documentation.
With Julie’s guidance; I was successful in the child support modification, there was no need to file a motion to compel.
Based on my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Julie. I highly recommend her.

Lina, Avvo User

Exceptional and Hardworking Attorney

Julie is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. She really cares about her clients and does her best to know her cases inside and out. Julie puts in long hours to make sure her clients are well-represented and communicates well with clients to keep them in the know.

Samantha, Avvo User

Family Law

I was very happy with all aspects of how Julie handled my case. She is professional-also very friendly,accessible & re-assuring–winning my case.
She was recommended to me by my divorce attorney.

Joyce, Avvo User

She came to my rescue!

Through thick and thin Julie stood by me when other lawyers passed on my case. We ended up having to go to trial and I received a more than satisfactory judgement on support. She was always professional and gave sage advice to me on all the issues. I highly recommend her to any prospective client.

Mark, Avvo User

What an Amazing Person.

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Julie Flanagan for your Legal Services
I found out about Julie through AVVO. I tell you at first I was expecting to speak with an assistant or having to leave a message, but Julie was available and spoke with me right away. Immediately from that moment I felt confident that I had made the right choice in calling Julie. I spoke to my son about Julie in whom I was calling on behalf of and he was very excited. Julie is very professional and took a personal interest in helping our son. She made us feel very comfortable that we had someone on our side that was going to fight on our behalf. Julie really came through for us as she got the outcome to fall in our favor. I am so grateful for her. She is a real blessing.
I highly recommend the legal services of Julie Flanagan

Greg, Avvo User

Amazing Human Being! Compassionate- Enthusiastic- Empathetic

Julie is just an amazing human being! She heard about my case from a mutual friend. The next day she made time to meet with me during lunch.

She asked me a few questions, decided to take my case, and began working on her laptop right away! WOW! She began drafting our legal paper work during our first meeting!

We worked together for a few weeks before our trial. During our trial, she was a paragon of a great lawyer. She studied the case intensely and won. Her work ethic, and professionalism is a true inspiration to me.

Julie represented me pro bono.

Anonymous, Avvo User

Innovative, intelligent, and compassionate

I hired Julie in March of 2018. From the get go, she was attentive and spoke to my level of understanding of the legal process. She was available by phone or email when I had questions or concerns. I appreciated her thoughtful responses (she took the time to research a unique question) instead of giving me one that would have been adequate. There were times that I needed some moral support during my divorce. Julie was there for me to talk with and always left me feeling more secure. Lastly, I appreciated her honesty and warm down to earth person.

Denise, Avvo User

Honest, Tenacious, Empathetic – Complex Case Solver

I was referred to Julie Flanagan, along with a long list of attorneys, by the Orange County Bar Association. I had a very unusual and complex case, and no one wanted to represent me! My two-year old granddaughter’s deceased father was not listed on her birth certificate by my daughter. My goal was to have the courts rule he was indeed the father, have the birth certificate amended, and then apply for Social Security death benefits to which my granddaughter was entitled to until age 18 – a very significant amount. I spoke with Julie on the phone a couple of times, and I had a good “gut feeling” about her. The first time we met, she made me feel so comfortable. She was very empathetic and compassionate regarding my situation. Even though she had never handled a case like mine, she went in full force. She was so connected with other well-seasoned professionals, and with thorough research, obtained all the information we needed to move forward – nothing could stop her. Everyday she had new information, and was able to help me accomplish everything I asked for – what a victory for my granddaughter and her future! Julie is a brilliant attorney who goes above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her.

Bette, Avvo User

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